Better quality

Our production is located in Europe. Our customers appreciate the high quality of European materials and scrupulous approach to packaging production.

Faster production & delivery

Efficiency in communication and well-considered logistics gives our customers an advantage in terms of packaging production. The sample approval process and delivery time to address take from 3 weeks.

Higher customer satisfaction

Either new or experienced companies highly evaluate our expertise to consult and help finding solution. Well organised work, clear steps of all project stages, precision and individual approach guarantees great customer experience.

Our customers

Ad agencies

WePack produces any complexity packaging solutions, bringing your creative ideas to life
Packaging concept and visual design
Full cycle of packaging production
Bespoke gift packaging
Packaging sample production
Packaging expert consultations
Design and production of promotional materials

Individual merchants

Professional product packaging solutions for smaller amount orders
Packaging concept and visual design
Packaging technical construction
Packaging expert consultations
Full cycle of packaging production
Repackaging & labelling
Worldwide delivery

Printing houses

To increase your production volume, WePack offers full cycle packaging production
Packaging technical construction
Packaging visual design
Handcrafted manual work
Sample production
Full cycle of packaging production

Product manufacturers

Packaging solutions for new or existing products. From an idea to a shelf ready product
Packaging design and production
Packaging construction development
Sample production
Current packaging evaluation
Packaging assembly
Repackaging & labelling
Case Story - Latvijas Balzams

Packaging, that boosted the amount of sales!

WePack have created a packaging for Riga Black Balsam- one of the most recognized export products from Latvian brands. The well thought-out packaging simultaneously works as a “travel box”, “gift pack” and “twin pack”. Professionally delivered technical requirements and design of the packaging have greatly boosted the sales of Riga Black Balsam in such popular sales points as airports. For last 6 years the practical, easy-to-use and visually appealing packaging design has helped travelers to make their choice and recognise this product as a fantastic gift.
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Next level

product packaging

New or existing product packaging solutions. WePack's experience, knowledge and state of art technologies allows to produce any amount and type of packaging. Created packaging can be used for cosmetics, food, beverages, bespoke gifts or other products.

Where machinery has reached its limits, WePack offers manual handcraft work, that can be one of packaging production stages or offered as a separate service.

Possibilities are endless.
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Customer service

We deliver great customer experience at all touchpoints.


Well organized work environment and clear steps of all project stages for the client.

Expert advice

Consult and help finding solutions with industry experts.


Worldwide secure delivery with well considered logistics.

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